A Success Story

Regular maintenance is critical to longer lasting roads and the efficient movement of traffic, and San Bernardino County is on top of its game! The Department of Public Works developed a systematic, cost-efficient, and effective preventative maintenance program to achieve and sustain an overall pavement condition index rating of “good or above” using a variety of technologies to reduce costs and raise efficiency. The pavement condition index for more than 2,175 miles of County-maintained roads is 81.5, one of the highest in the state.

This replicable program reduces road improvement costs from as much as $1.5 million per two-lane road mile using traditional reconstruction to $195,000 per two-lane road mile using road preparation and chip sealing. For this innovative program, the Department of Public Works won a Merit Award from the California State Association of Counties in 2018 and an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties in 2017.

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