A Success Story

During the past 10 years, numerous programs and services have been added to the San Bernardino County Probation Department. A sampling of the new programs and divisions include:

• CASE Program to help youth affected by juvenile prostitution and trafficking.

• Law Enforcement Officer program, which places a probation officer in most of the county’s sheriff’s substations and police departments. The program allows for participation and collaboration for community specific events/operations.

• Creation of the Division of Pretrial Services, Vocation Training, and Adult Diversion, a system that evaluates defendants and monitors those released from custody prior to the resolution of their cases.

Violent Crime Rate Increases 20% Since 2014.
Crime Rate
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Gang-Related Filings Decline Substantially.
Gang-Related Crime
Gang-Related Filings Decline Substantially Tracking gang-related data may help the community gauge the extent and…