A Success Story

San Bernardino County’s Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) has been proactive in responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. DBH expanded access to crisis services, adding three new crisis text lines. Since the pandemic began, DBH has responded to over 1,900 calls to these lines, diverting 76% of the calls from hospitalization. DBH staff have also been deployed to skilled nursing facilities to provide life-saving support and education to the health care providers of the county’s most vulnerable residents. Staff conducted over 300 visits, distributed over two million pieces of PPE, and provided mental health resources and crisis counseling to thousands of staff, residents, and families.

Rate of Uninsured Continues to Decline.
Health Care Access
Rate of Uninsured Increases Again Individuals who have health insurance and a usual source of…
Early Prenatal Care Rates Decrease.
Prenatal Care
Early Prenatal Care Rate Drops for Latina Mothers Increasing the number of women who receive…
Leading Causes of Death for Children Under Five.
Leading Causes of Death for Children Under Five
Child Deaths Continue to Decline Awareness of the leading causes of death for children can…
More Students are Overweight or Obese.
Overweight & Obesity
Student Obesity Rate Increases A sedentary lifestyle and obesity are risk factors for many health…
Highest Rates of Chronic Diseases Among Counties.
Chronic Disease
Diabetes Deaths Up; Heart Disease Deaths Down Chronic diseases – including diabetes, high blood pressure,…
Mental Health Treatment Rises for Children and Youth.
Behavioral Health
Treatment Continues to Rise for Youth and Fall for Adults Mental disorders are among the…
Treatment Admissions and Substance-Related Deaths Grow.
Substance Abuse
Drug-Induced Deaths Continue to Grow While Admission to Treatment Services Falls A broad spectrum of…
Veteran Requests for Assistance Increase.
Veteran Requests for Assistance Drop in 2020 Veterans from all eras reside in San Bernardino…
Child Welfare
Child Welfare
Continued Decline in Number of Abuse/Neglect Reports Foster care placement is often the final act…
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexually Transmitted
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Rates of Most STIs are Rising Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are passed from one person…